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June 1 (Thursday) – England Vs Bangladesh (The Oval) – 3 PM IST

June 2 (Friday) – Australia Vs New Zealand (Edgbaston) – 3 PM IST

June 3 (Saturday) – Sri Lanka Vs South Africa (The Oval) – 3 PM IST

June 4 (Sunday) – India Vs Pakistan (Edgbaston) – 3 PM IST

June 5 (Monday) – Australia Vs Bangladesh (The Oval) – Day/Night – 6 PM IST

June 6 (Tuesday) – New Zealand Vs England (Cardiff) – 3 PM IST

June 7 (Wednesday) – Pakistan Vs South Africa (Edgbaston) D/N – 6 PM IST

June 8 (Thursday) – India Vs Sri Lanka (The Oval) – 3 PM IST

June 9 (Friday) – New Zealand Vs Bangladesh (Cardiff) – 3 PM IST

June 10 (Saturday) – England Vs Australia (Edgbaston) – 3 PM IST

June 11 (Sunday) – India Vs South Africa (The Oval) – 3 PM IST

June 12 (Monday) – Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan (Cardiff) – 3 PM IST

June 13 (Tuesday) – REST DAY

June 14 (Wednesday) – 1st Semi-final (A1 Vs B2) (Cardiff) – 3 PM IST

June 15 (Thursday) – 2nd Semi-final (A2 Vs B1) (Edgbaston) – 3 PM IST

June 16, 17 – REST DAYS

June 18 (Sunday) – FINAL (The Oval) – 3 PM IST

June 19 (Monday) – Reserve Day for the

FINAL Previous Champions


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